Honey Hill Farm

Honey Hill Farm

Honey Hill Farm



            Welcome to Honey Hill Farm. Honey Hill was established in our bicentennial year. The land was an abandoned apple orchard that had not been commercially worked in over 30 years. Its last use before our purchase was as a private airfield. Some maps still show a landing strip where our house is located. The vacant farmland was purchased not as a cattle farm but as a place to build a home and raise our family in the country.


            We named it Honey Hill because our first livestock numbered in the 10s of thousands. We kept bees on the hill at the back of our property. Of course hill is a relative term. Iowa is flat while New York is a hilly place. However when our friends from New England visit they laugh and ask where the hill is. But when you are moving a full bee hive it doesn't take much of an incline to be called a hill.


            We added a huge organic garden to our bees. That was followed by meat and egg chickens. Getting braver we ventured into raising pigs. That was quite an experience. Some day ask us why we referred to shipping day as D (divorce) day.


            In 1981 we decided that with that entire unused orchard full of brush and poison ivy we should figure out what to do with it. We began our research on cattle breeds and finally settled on Highlands. We were attracted to their hardiness; ease of handling and of course their attractiveness. They are real traffic stoppers when in a roadside pasture.


            In 1982 we started with a cow/calf pair and a bred cow. And have been raising Highlands ever since.


            Within a few years we decided that in keeping with our desire to raise our livestock as close to the land as possible we began to feed our cattle strictly on pasture with hay in the winter. Over the years we have slowly selected cattle that do well on pasture. We now have a herd that is composed of animals that have been born and bred on Honey Hill Farm. If you have any questions or would like to stop in and visit us please feel free to contact us. Honey Hill


            Come on in and find out about our beef sales.